About us

Daana Knowledge in Berlin berät grenzüberschreitende Unternehmungen.

Daana Knowledge is a small, inexpensive and highly specialised consulting agency looking back on five years of experience. Our geographical focus is on Iran. While the country’s global significance and potentials keep growing, Iran is neither well accessible nor transparent to the West. This situation has even intensified since a change in government in 2013, and the end of the sanctions in 2016 implies great opportunities, making experienced and active mediation necessary.

Our work brings together
– information: research, reporting and analysis
– translation of documents, news and publications
– help with finding partners and contacts

Our thematic core areas:
– political, social and economic contexts and developments
– technological innovations and research in engineering

Our customers:
We tailor our services to small and medium-sized enterprises, NGOs and research institutions in Germany and Europe