Iran’s regional and global significance keeps growing along with its economic, technological and social potential while, from a Western perspective, the country is is neither well accessible nor transparent. This paradox has become even more striking since the 2013 change in government. The end of the sanctions in 2016, however, is a clear breakthrough in the countrie’s development. The possibilities of mutual perception and interaction between Iran and the West are more promising than ever, but they have remained complicated. Working with partners in Iran may be rewarding, but it needs mediation.

Great potential…
In most areas – economical, technologica, cultural, political, strategic – Iran holds a key position – and often a problematic one – within the entire Middle East which has clearly gained in strength during recent years. A young and well-trained population facing internal tensions makes Iran a dynamic factor with high potential not only for the region, but also for cooperation, investment and research beyond it. The lifting of the sanctions may be the springboard for a leap in development; its middle- and long-term opportunities need to be discovered and correctly assessed.