Unsere Leistungen lassen sich in drei Bereiche gliedern.

The unclear and changing situation in Iran which is both difficult to grasp and biased by overly shallow and politically tendentious reporting requires an informed and quick mode of access, objective study and review. Depending on our customers’ stated targets, we do research, write reports and analyses. We gather our information primarily on the internet, from printed publications, and through personal inquiries in Iran. Raw information acquired from various sources, especially from Persian-language media in Iran and outside it (all too infrequently consulted) is evaluated, compared and finally compiled in a report. In analysis papers, we describe backgrounds, trends and contexts which are of special importance to our customers and their decisions.

Considering the rich daily production of texts in the Persian language, the offer in translations services from Persian to German – or even English – is extremely small. This situation calls for broad reviews of texts in the Persian original in addition to the translation of intelligently selected items. We render documents, news and publications into German. The choice of texts is made by our custumers either through thematic parameters or on the basis of lists and tables of contents translated in advance. Within our thematic core areas, we possess specialized factual and terminological knowledge.

Mediation and Contact
The distances and obstacles involved in finding suitable partners for cooperation or consultation in Iran require an institutionally and culturally well informed and well connected mediation as well as an existing network of contacts in Iran. For our customers, we find potential partners in Iran on a personal or official level and initiate first contacts based on mutual trust. We also mediate and advise in ongoing communication, using our network of contacts.