Our thematic areas are delineated by our staff’s training, by our experience so far and by our contact network in Iran, broadly encompassing the social sciences on the one hand and technology on the other.

First, we observe and analyze, from a strictly neutral standpoint, political, social and economic backgrounds and developments. The focus is on processes in domestic and foreign policy, especially since the 2013 change in government, which for the most part cannot be adequately understood without taking into account Iran’s history after the revolution of 1979 and which require reviewing current Persian-language academic publications.

Second, we inform our customers about technological innovations and research in the engineering sciences as well as the state of research in the social and economics sciences in Iran, including conference alerts.This involves giving overviews of mostly untranslated papers; in particular, we draw up lists of titles and abstracts for conference proceedings so that customers may choose if they wish full-length translations of select items.